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I am a first year PhD student at NYU with Julia Stoyanovich, working with the Center for Responsible AI.

I was formerly a member of the Microsoft AI rotational program, working out of the New England Research and Development lab (and remotely during COVID!). 

In 2019 I graduated from Brown University, where I wrote a thesis about AI and self-data collection.
I also make movies and write as much as I can.

I happen to own a school bus, and my current pet project is converting it into a mobile home.


( 01 )


Conference Paper

Differentially Private Synthetic Data: Applied Evaluations and Enhancements


Lucas Rosenblatt, Xiaoyan Liu, Samira Pouyanfar, Eduardo de Leon, Anuj Desai, Joshua Allen

ICLR 2021 (Virtual Only) Submission

Workshop Paper

PerfGuard: Deploying ML-for-Systems without Performance Regressions


H M Sajjad Hossain, Lucas Rosenblatt, Gilbert Antonius, Irene Shaffer, Remmelt Ammerlaan, Abhishek Roy, Markus Weimer, Hiren Patel, Marc Friedman, Shi Qiao, Peter Orenberg, Soundarajan Srinivasan, Vijay Ramani, Alekh Jindal

MLOps Systems 2020, Austin, USA. 

Conference Paper

Vocal Programming for People with Upper-Body Motor Impairments

Lucas Rosenblatt, Patrick Carrington, Kotaro Hara, Jeffrey P. Bigham.

W4A 2018, Lyon, France. 

Workshop Paper

VocalIDE: An IDE for Programming via Speech Recognition


Lucas Rosenblatt (2nd Place in Student Research Competition)

ASSETS '17: Proceedings of the 19th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility 


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Open Source Repo (python)


smartnoise (1).png

As part of Responsable AI initiative at Microsoft, contributed to OSS Smartnoise. Specifically added the differentially private synthetic data gym evaluation suite (DPSDGym), QUAIL, other differentially private synthetic data generation techniques and infrastructure for private client-service interactions.

Writing with accompanying python/data

Undergraduate Thesis: AI for My Life

AI for My Life: The Consequences of Applying ML to Quantified-Self 
Advisors: Dr. Michael Littman, Dr. Stuart Burrows, Catherine Imbriglio

With javascript/python


Try out the in browser vocal programming editor I built.

vide (1).png


School Bus Home Conversion

Converting a 2006 International school bus into a mobile home with my partner Ellie. Will have a kitchen, bedroom, toilet/shower and solar panels on the roof. Check out the progress!




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Jobs and Coursework

Microsoft, Cambridge, MA / Jul 2019 – Present

Machine Learning Engineer, Microsoft AI Development Acceleration Program

msoft (1).png

Rotational program working alongside researchers, data scientists and engineers on novel approaches to ML, data analytics and applied research serving groups across Microsoft (Azure, Windows, MSN). Click here for summaries of each rotation.

Microsoft, Cambridge, MA / Jun 2018 – Aug 2018

Software Engineering Intern – Microsoft Garage

garage (1).png

I worked on adding machine intelligence to the Ink to Code platform with a team of 6 other amazing interns.

Carnegie Mellon University, PA / Jun 2017 – Aug 2017

HCI Researcher

Under Dr. Jeff Bigham and Dr. Kotaro Hara, conducted research centered around developing accessible programming interfaces, specifically for individuals with motor impairments and/or cerebral palsy.

cmu (1).jpg
graduate coursework

PhD NYU (in progress) (GPA 3.88)

undergraduate coursework

Brown University (with Honors) May 2019
B.S. Computer Science (GPA 3.85)
B.A. English (Non-Fiction Writing Track) (GPA 3.8)

awards and honors

Senior Prize – Awarded to top ~25 graduating seniors by Brown CS for outstanding record in teaching, research and service
Undergraduate Thesis – Nominated for Theories in Action


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - CS1300 and CS0170, held regular office hours, designed course website/assignments, graded, etc.

DS-GA - 1012 Natural Language Understanding with Sam Bowman      
DS-GA - 1017 Responsible Data Science with Julia Stoyanovich

CS-GY - 6763 Algorithmic Machine Learning and Data Science with Chris Musco
CS-GY - 6313 Information Visualization with Enrico Bertini

CS1410 (Artificial Intelligence)

CS1420 (Machine Learning)

CS1570 (Algorithm Design and Analysis)

CS1380 (Distributed Systems/Cloud)

CS1430 (Computer Vision)

APMA1650 (Statistical Inference)

CS0220 (Discrete Comp Theory)

CS1900 (Startups)

CS1810 (Comp Biology)

CS1300 (UI and Graphics)

MATH0540 Linear Algebra

CS0170/0180 (Integrated Intro Sequence)

CS0330 (Systems)

MATH0200 (Multivariable Calculus)


( 04 )

Films and Selected Writing


Mouth Breather



Assistant Director

Man in Suit

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